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With It Weed Airway Heights Washington
With It Weed Logo


WithIt Weed is a family-owned farm established in 2014.  We were  one of the first I-502 licensed producers in Washington State.

Our first sale was to The Top Shelf in Airway Heights in March 2016.

We use Green Grower Labs in Spokane to compliance test all of our cannabis products.

We grow in Promix Hp using EZ Grow and Ez Bloom nutrients, the last 10-14 days the plants are given only water to flush out all nutrients.

We currently offer Flower, Pre-rolls, Concentrates and Cartridges.

We have around 25 employees and we are growing daily.


Our farm is dedicated to sustainably growing the highest quality plants at affordable prices, while also ensuring each harvest is tested and pesticide free.


Since our beginning, we've continuously sought out new and innovative ways to grow and harvest our plants.   Below are a few of the core values that guide the With It Weed team:

Selective Cultivation

We use thermal imaging to collect data on plant growth ad development and are able to select only the best plants for cultivation.

Flower Judging

All flower is personally evaluated and sorted based on appearance.

Innovative Original

One of the very first legal cannabis producers in the country.

The Lollipop Process

We use the "Lollipop Process" cultivation technique to allow more light into the plant; which generates better buds! You get better quality flower w/o the larf.

Sustainable Practices

State-of-the-art facility with low energy consumption lighting and environmental controls with no wasted water run-off.

Honesty & Authenticity.

We avoid hype, myths and misinformation about our flower or products. They don’t need it.

Controlled Development

Optimized growing spaces, moisture monitoring, and temperature control to foster consistent appearance, flavor, and effect.

Purity & Health

Grown in clean and sanitary conditions, we test all flower and  
products for potential contaminants and toxins.

Small Family Farm

We are an independent, family-owned, veteran-owned small form located in Eastern Washington.

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